Introducing: Anatomy of Place

July 13, 2022
High Tide on Upper Sugarloaf Key
High Tide on Upper Sugarloaf Key

My studio is located on marshland that was filled and raised with local quarry limestone in the late 1970's. Once 3 ½ acres covered with rock and grass, it is now the home of native and non-native plants and animals. From the sprawling Australian pines to the south American iguanas, the endangered Joewood tree, to the families of key deer - one thing is clear.  Man-made global warming is real, and with it, accelerated rising sea levels.

Within 40 years, waters from Upper Sugarloaf Sound will inundate this small spit of land, and with it, all that exists on top will be lost.
The goal of my project, Anatomy of Place, is to provide a glimpse of what exists now, as I continue with my daily chores and create new artwork.


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