Artist Statement

In the early 1990's, I found myself in the intertidal zone, or back country, of the Florida keys, pulling plaster images off of relief like markings that I found in sand that were produced by the tidal flow of water. I refer to these works as "Tidal Reliefs". The title of each work documents the date the plaster image was created.

On one early morning boat excursion into the back country, I experienced the horizon fuse with the mirror calm water and sky of diffused, blue light. A disorienting and hypnotic effect took over me as I imagined the earth revolve around its axis as it revolved around the sun, and wondered what unseen stars were overhead as our Milky Way Galaxy spiraled through the universe. And where was the moon in its influence over the tides? Everything became all mixed up and one at the same time and I was completely immersed in the center. It was all about movement and influence, time and perception. I was taking it all in, and who knows how it would all come out.

What began as a form of documenting and collecting tidal imagery evolved into a sculptural practice that moved me from the outside to the inside, to the center of activity where I engage with process: The eventual outcome obtained through physical endurance, observation and chance.

In 2012 I began a series of drawings based on the "Tidal Reliefs". I call these "Movement Drawings", as I use gravity to move the liquid acrylic and various particulates while rotating the "ground" (paper, Plexiglas, or other material).

Vera Vasek  2014